What The New Budget Means For Your Own Bottom Line

2017-05-16 22:44:12

Immersing ourselves in the world of finance is what we do on a daily basis at ProInvest, so naturally, when a new federal budget is released, we understand all the ins and outs. We recognise however, that just as we’d struggle to cook a Michelin star meal or engineer a city skyscraper, understanding all that the new budget brings isn’t as second nature for all.

Since Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the latest federal budget, much has been made of those who will benefit from the governments’ spending and those who’ll need to tighten their taxable purse strings. What does it all mean for you? The ProInvest team can narrow it down for you!

If you have children, you’ll be pleased to learn that this year’s federal budget provides many wins for both you and your family. From improvements to the NDIS and reductions in pharmaceutical and hospital costs to greater funds given to school students and the elderly, the needs of families have come out on top and ProInvest could not be happier.

First home buyers will similarly experience wins from changes to the federal budget, with young people given the option of salary sacrificing from their pre-tax income to later go towards a first home deposit.

The many changes contained in this year’s budget highlight the importance of viewing the end of financial year as more than the opportunity to buy an EOFYS car on sale. The end of this financial year marks an opportunity to re-evaluate your finances and assess whether your hard earned money will be affected by government policy and regulatory change.

The team at ProInvest are happy to discuss the recently dropped budget with you in person or over the phone to provide you with insights relevant to your financial situation and your level of asset and wealth liabilities.

Want to solidify your proactive fiscal positioning? Or ensure the new budget’s changes are in your favour? Contact ProInvest today and allow one of our Financial Advisors to protect your wealth – both for the new budget, and into the future.

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