Finding Outcomes For Our Clients That Better Their Lives

2017-04-03 22:45:14

Working in the world of finance isn’t as bloodthirsty as movies would have you believe. We don’t all work on Wall Street yelling at Stock Exchange screens, and don’t all hustle grandmas for the entire life savings!

As finance brokers, our team at ProInvest are more likely to spend our days advising customers on how to live the most fruitful lives they can, and in some cases, counselling clients through financial matters as they fight to live in general.

We recently had a wonderful outcome for a treasured client of ours who was diagnosed with cancer. Her story touched all of us at ProInvest, and reiterated the importance of what we do – finding outcomes for our clients that better their lives.

As part of our service, we annually review our clients’ insurance policies to make sure they’re receiving the best possible returns on their investment. One such annual review revealed more than any of us ever imagined.

As a precautionary measure, much like Income Insurance, one of our clients came in to review their Trauma Insurance cover. This kind of insurance covers specified events such as heart attacks, strokes and certain cancers. If you suffer from one of these events, you are paid a lump sum to cover medical expenses.

Upon review of her cover, we found that alternative insurance cover could be obtained at a cheaper price and therefore recommended that she change insurers. As a result, she underwent routine medical tests required by the new insurer that discovered abnormal readings.

New tests were ordered, again recording abnormal results, so she was asked to undergo further medical testing which took some months. The final outcome shocked us all – her doctors found that she was battling a tumour.

As our client had been on medication to ease symptoms later attributed to the tumour, she was unaware anything sinister or fateful was hiding within her. Unless she’d undergone the tests we facilitated for her new insurer, she would never have known about the tumour.

Fortunately, our team were able to help with the process of her Trauma claim and she was successfully awarded over $100,000 in just two weeks from lodgement. The tumour was successfully removed, and warming the hearts of all involved at ProInvest, having caught the tumour early we’re informed she has made a full recovery.

While Hollywood would have you believe that it’s the thrill of the financial chase and slamming chequebooks down on mahogany desks that we love, it’s this human side of financial brokering that brings us joy. The life-changing relationships we form with our clients make us simply love what we do.

Do you need help protecting your wealth? Contact your expert team of Financial Advisors at ProInvest today.

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